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Griffith Observatory Sunrise Elopement | M+T

bride and groom holding each other in front of observatory in LA for elopement

Planning your wedding can be exciting, but it is filled with many decisions and much to consider. While large weddings are lovely, elopements may offer the spontaneity and intimacy you're looking for on such an important day.

Whether you choose to climb a mountain or jet off and explore another country together, there is nothing quite like eloping and creating a romantic story only the two of you will remember forever. When clients come to me, I listen to their vision and ideas and then I help make it happen. I help them find the perfect location, plan out a schedule, and connect them with trusted vendors. Contrary to popular belief, eloping doesn't have to mean finding someplace secluded and private - with just a little bit of planning, we can make sure that your big day turns out as special (or even more so) than any traditional ceremony could offer!

Morgan and Thomas had been to Los Angeles many times, but they had never seen the city quite like this. They decided on a whim to elope in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, one of the most special cities in the world. Griffith Observatory was especially memorable for this special occasion, providing a backdrop of trees to witness the ceremony - no matter how or where you choose to elope, it's always a beautiful moment.

They chose a place that would forever be a reminder of their special day. Sharing vows, as well as their first dance, with all their closest friends, they knew it was the perfect spot to start the rest of their lives together. From incredible views to iconic moments, eloping at Griffith Observatory is the perfect way to create lasting memories that you'll cherish for years to come.

landscape image of bride and groom holding hands with friends surrounding them during elopement

I absolutely enjoyed this session with them and hearing their story. Being able to witness two people in love is amazing, you can see it all radiating off of them. They are excited about their future together and everything that comes along with it. If you’re considering eloping or doing a small intimate wedding, I say go for it! These types of weddings are so carefree and relaxed which allows you to really enjoy each moment. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like the only 2 people in the world while getting married?

Make your wedding or elopement even more special and memorable with a beautiful film photo add-on! With this unique option, we'll be able to capture incredible moments that you'll cherish for years to come. Plus, it's an added bonus that will make your day even more special and unforgettable! Have a look at my services and inquire today!

bride and groom spraying a bottle of champagne during elopement

bride laughing at groom while dancing during their LA elopement

bride hugging groom while dancing during their elopement

photo of the front of griffith observatory

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